Chapter 2 : Let's start our wall magazine kelas 9 MTs.

Chapter 2 : "Let's start our wall magazine !"

In this cahpter, we will learn to use the right words and expressions:

  1. To state rules (untuk menyatakan peraturan).
  2. To give suggestion to do and not to do something (memberi saran untuk dilakukan dan tidak melakukan sesuatu).
  3. To invite someone to do and not to do something (untuk mengundang seseorang untuk melakukan dan tidak melakukan sesuatu).
  4. To say to agree or disagree with rules, suggestions, and invitations (Untuk mengatakan setuju atau tidak setuju dengan peraturan, saran, dan undangan).
  5. To keep good interpersonal relationship (untuk  menjaga hubungan interpersonal yang baik).

A. To state rules (untuk menyatakan peraturan).

Berikut ini beberapa contoh peraturan yang berlaku di Madrasah/Sekolah:

  1. The students must wear a uniform everyday.
  2. From Monday to Thursday they must wear the batik shirt.
  3. The girls must wear a black skirt.
  4. The boys must wear a pair of black pants.
  5. On Friday they must wear the Scout uniform.
  6. They must wear proper shoes. 
  7. They must not wear sandals, a T-shirt, or a casual wear at any place and at any time during the school hours.
  8. The students must not be late to school. 
  9. The students must come on time to class and to the !ag ceremony.
  10. If The students are late, they must wait outside the gate. 
  11. The students must not come in until the security guard gives us permission. 
  12. The students must sign a paper before they come to class. 
  13. If The students cannot come on time for any reason, they must hand in a notice from our parents to the perincipal. 
  14. The students must keep our class clean and tidy. 
  15. The students must not litter. 
  16. The students must put the garbage in the garbage bin. 
  17. The students must not write or draw anything on the desks and on the walls. 
  18. The students must sweep the !oor and 
  19. The students must dust the teacher’s desk and the shelf everyday.
  20. The students must not be noisy.
  21. The students must respect our friends who are working seriously. 
  22. The students must not chat and talk very loudly in class. 
  23. The students must keep their voice low. 
  24. The students must not play around. 
  25. The students must work at their desks most of the time.

B. To give suggestion to do and not to do something 

    1. Giving a Suggestion

  1. May I suggest…?
  2. You may/might like to…?
  3. Have you considered/thought of…?
  4. Would you care to....?
  5. Why don’t we/you….?
  6. Why not…?
  7. How about….?
  8. What about…?
  9. Let’s/Let me…
  10. Shall we….?
  11. I’ll tell you what. We’ll….
  12. I propose that….
  13. I propose this change….
  14. I’d like to suggest that….
  15. Why don’t you…?
  16. I have an idea.
    2. Responding Suggestion
  1. It’s sounds like a good suggestion.
  2. I have no objection.
  3. It is a good suggestion.
  4. I think you can do it.
  5. Perhaps you could.
  6. Why not?
  7. You can’t be all things to all people.
  8. That’s a good idea.
  9. You are right.
  10. Good idea.
  11. You’re doing too much.
Demikian, semoga bermanfaat.

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